Tools and Equipment

Name of Equipment No. of Units Type/Size/Capacity Model No. /Serial No./Registration No.
I. Electrical Tools & Testing Equipment
SANWA, Megger Tester 1unit 0-500 V., 0-1000 V. Serial No. 42826
Clamp Tester 1unit 0-2000 Amps./ Sanwa Model No. DC 2000
Cable Cutter 1unit Up to 500 MCM Brand RIDGID
GREENLEE Hydraulic Pipe Bender 1unit 1/2" to 4" Brand GREENLEE
Pipe Threader 1set 1/2" to 1 1/2" Brand RIDGID
Hydraulic Crimping Tools 1unit Up to 1000 MCM Burndy
Phase Tester 1 unit Kyoritsu  
II. Tools & Equipment for Construction
AUV Mitsubishi L-300 HPUR with Analok - Plate No. UBF 264 1 unit Net Cap. 1650 kgs. Model-1995, 4 cylinder diesel
Generator 1 unit 6.5 KVA Brand HONDA
Breaking Jackhammer 2 units 5.5 amps, Makita Electric HM B01,230V,50/60HZ,
Air Compressor 1"VESPA" 1/4HP 1 unit WP-5kg/cm, MP-7kg,RPM:600,51mm, Model No. 1527/231-305 SN-1314
Air Compressor 2 "VESPA" 1HP 1 unit Strokes-38mm,PD-46L P/N221-311/230V/60HZ
Jigs Saw 1 unit Bosch 550 Watts
Bar Cutter 2 units 1"Ø Capacity  
Welding Machine 1 1 unit 200 Amps./16KVA, Yamato No. 199/220V 50/60HZ
Concrete Vibrator 2 units 3 HP, Robin 1 1/2" Vibrator Head  
Concrete Mixer 2 units One Bagger 10 HP Diesel Engine, "Toki "China
Submersible Pump 1 set 1/2 HP China
Airless Spray 1 unit Gasco 390 USA  
Pipe Wrench 3 units 14", 24" & 36" Brand RIGID
Manual Crimping Tool 1 unit 1/2", 3/4", 1" Brand RIDGID
Ramset 1 unit Powder Actuated Tools Model No. J 20 S
Portable Jack Hammer (Dyna Drill) 1 unit Ramset Model No. DD542,230V,60HZ
Aluminum Step Ladder 3 sets 8 ft.  
Aluminum Step Ladder 3 sets 6 ft.  
Metal Scaffoldings - Clamps, heads and base plate, shoring jacks 1 lot  
Adjustable Wrench 1 set 6"  
Chain Block 1 set 3 Tons Capacity  
Powder Aquated Tool 1 set Ramset Model 122 MDJ 20
Plate Compactor 1 set EY-15 'Robin' 3.5HP gasoline
Roller Compactor 1 ton Mitsubishi with starter on walk behind for vibratory action Mayuki
III. Tools & Equipment for Fabrication
Electric Drill 1 set 500 Watts Model No. GSB16RE
Electric Drill 1 set 500 Watts Model No. GBM450RE
Electric Drill 1 set 500 Watts Model No. 8416
Electric Drill 1 set 500 Watts MAKITA Brand
Electric Grinder 1 1 set 13 Amps., Block & Decker, 7"Ø Model No. P59-21, 220V,Professional
Electric Grinder 2 1 set 4"Ø Cap., Professional B&D,4"Ø Model No. P54-04/0058452/ 220V 3.9 amps 750W, No.96900065
Welding Machine 2 1 unit 160 Amps. BX1-160 Nantong Sanji Welding Eqpt.
Sheet Bender 1 unit  
Knock-out Puncher 1 set 1/2" to 2" Brand GREENLEE
Hole Saw (Die only) 1 set 2"
Oxygen & Acetylene Torch with Tank 1 set Gadget - "Harris"  
Pressure Washer 1 set  
Pipe Bender 1 set  
Power Cutter 1 "Hurricane" 1 set 7.5 amps, 40 watts, 3,800 RPM, 14"Ø 70003-04732, Korea/220V/50-60HZ
Power Cutter 2 "Makita" 1 set 1380 Watts,3,200 RPM, 14"Ø LS1440/230V/60HZ
Sheet Cutter 1 set  

Since 1994


Celcotec, established in 1994, is a full-service construction company with a proven track record among some of the country's biggest institutions. Celcotec today holds competencies in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering design, voice and data communication, and renewable power-generating equipment (solar, wind, water).

General construction


We are licensed for general engineering and building, including architectural works for office/residential occupancies, general and specialty painting, specialty masonry and tile works, fitting–out works for electrical/mechanical systems.

Accredited Meralco Contractors

PCAB Licensed
PEZA Accredited
DOLE Certified

Block 3 Lot 5 Molino Road, Villa Maria Subdivision, Molino 3, Bacoor City, Cavite
Telephone +632-734-1561; 046-4765074

Recent Projects

Andrea Towers

Andrea Towers

RyoAki Gasoline Station

RyoAki Gas Station

Southeast Asian Medical Center

Southeast Asian Medical Center

Conference Room

From a specialization in electrical works, Celcotec has expanded its field of technical expertise to include voice and data communication and engineering design and consultancy.

Celcotec holds a Philippine Contractor's Accreditation Board License (PCAB) and an Inter Agency Certificate for Roads, Highways, Manufacturing Plants, Bridges, Railroads

Celcotec is a member of the Society of Philippine Electrical Contractors and Suppliers, Inc. (SPECS).

Celcotec is now in its 22nd year of service.